TOC - 40945 (copy)


I Medieval B ackground:
Western Travelers and Eastern Christians
11 Christians from Beyond Islam and the Council
of Florence 28
111 The Council of Florence and the Portuguese Princes 5 0
i v Early Latin Chapbooks and the Christians
of the Indies 71
v The Christians of Ethiopia and India
in Vernacular Verse 91
v i Portugal, Prester John, and the Christians
of St. Thomas 114
vii Renaissance Finale: Ethiopian Submission to the
Pope in Bologna 136
vin The Age of Latin Arrogance 160
List of Early Printed Books 1467-1546 183
Bibliography 197
Index 208
The Near East, Ethiopia, and the Periphery of the
Farther East 7
Genealogy of the Nations and Sects of Christians 16
John of Hildesheim, Die Legend der heyligen drey
Kunig (1476) 30
Rodrigo Fernandez de Santaella, El Libra del famoso
Marco paulo (1503) 47
Prester John, De Ritu et Moribus Indorum
(about 1480) 79
Giuliano Dati, Tractato del maxima Prete Janni
(about 1494) 100
Giuliano Dati, Secondo cantare dell' India
(1494 or 1495) 102
Paesi Nouamente retrouati (1507) 118
Ho Flos Sanctorum em lingoajem portugues (1513) 142
Legatio Dauld Aethiopiae Regis (1533) 150
The Malabar Coast of India 178
Armillary Sphere from Valentim Fernandes,
Marco paulo (1502) colophon