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ARNOLD M. ROSE, Professor of Sociology at the University of Minnesota, is the
author of The Negro's Morale: Group Identification and Protest (1949), Union Soli-
darity: The Internal Cohesion of a Labor Union (1952), and Theory and Method in
the Social Sciences (1954). He has taught and carried on research in France and Italy.

ANTHONY H. RICHMOND, Lecturer in Social Theory at the University of Edin-
burgh and visiting Professor of Sociology at Fisk University in 1957-58, is the author
of Colour Prejudice in Britain (1954), The Colour Problem (1955), and has pub-
lished articles on the sociology of industrial, social, and international relations.

RONALD TAFT, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Western
Australia, took his Ph.D. degree at the University of California. He has published
articles in the fields of social psychology, personality assessment, and personnel
psychology. KENNETH F. WALKER, Professor and Head of the Department of
Psychology at the University of Western Australia, took his Ph.D. degree at Harvard
University. He was for ten years associated with the Australian Department of
Labor, conducting research in personnel and industrial relations. He is the author of
Industrial Relations in Australia (1956), and has published articles on general, experimental, and industrial psychology.

HEIKKI WARIS is Professor of Social Policy and Acting Professor of Sociology at
the University of Helsinki. He undertook post-doctoral studies on a Rockefeller
Foundation fellowship at the University of Chicago in 1934-35 and carried on re-
search at several American universities in 1952-53. He has written numerous articles
and studies, both in Finnish and English.

JAN SZCZEPANSKI, Professor of Sociology and Rector of the University of Lodz,
has published several studies in Polish, including The Techniques of Social Research
(1951), Sociological Theories of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (1953),
and two monographs, The Philosophy and Sociology of Auguste Comte (1952) and
The Problems of Social Research as Seen by Marx and Engels (1952).

OLEG MANDICH, Professor on the Faculty of Law at the University of Zagreb,
is a specialist in sociology as related to law, politics, and religion. He has published a great number of articles pertaining to these three associated fields.

JOHN KOTY, Professor of Sociology at the Institute of Social Sciences at the
American College, Athens, lectured at Boston University and Ohio State University
in 1950-51 as a Fulbright visiting professor. He has published a number of books
and articles in Greek, including Law in Primitive Communism (1950) and Social
Stratification in Greece: The Role of the Middle Class (1956).

S. N. EISENSTADT, Head of the Department of Sociology at the Hebrew Uni-
versity, Jerusalem, held a fellowship at the Center for Advanced Study in the Be-
havioral Sciences at Stanford University in 1955-56. He has published The Absorp-
tion of Immigrants (1954), From Generation to Generation: Age Groups and Social
Structure (1956), and several papers on communication, reference group behavior,
and comparative political structures.

FRANCOIS BOURRICAUD, Agrege de 1'Universite (philosophy) and Maitre de
Conferences de Sociologie a la Faculte des Lettres de Bordeaux, has studied at Har-
vard University and has published several articles and a translation of a selection of Parsons' essays, Elements pour une Sociologie de I'Action (1955). He has written
a study of Peruvian Sierra culture, Peru: Essai de sociologie Andine, to be published
by the Cahiers de la Fondation des Sciences Politiques.

EMILIO WILLEMS, Professor of Anthropology at Vanderbilt University, studied
at the universities of Cologne, Paris, and Berlin (Ph.D.). He was Professor of An-
thropology at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, from 1941 to 1949. He has written
several studies of Brazilian culture, including Buzios Island: A Caicara Community
in Southern Brazil (1952).

JESSIE BERNARD, Professor of Sociology at Pennsylvania State University, is the
co-author, with L. L. Bernard, of Origins of American Sociology (1942) and has
published American Family Behavior (1942), American Community Behavior
(1949), Remarriage (1956), and Social Problems at Mid-Century (1957).