International Propaganda

Its Legal and Diplomatic Control


L. John Martin

As the principal weapon of the cold war, international propaganda is a matter of grave importance to anyone concerned with international relations. Here, in the first study of its kind, Dr. Martin analyzes the efforts and trends toward the control of such propaganda by means of international law, domestic law, and diplomacy. As a background for his study, he traces the development of international propaganda, discusses its definitions, and describes the propaganda activities of the three giants in the field - the United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union.

Dr. Martin, once on the editorial staff of the Detroit Free Press, had a varied journalistic and scholarly career. Born in Budapest, he was a newspaperman for some years in the Middle East, serving on papers in Palestine, Iraq, and Egypt. In this country, he worked on the Minneapolis Tribune and the Rochester (N.Y.) Democrat and Chronicle and taught at the University of Minnesota, Oregon, and Nebraska.

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