American Architectural Books

A List of Books, Portfolios, and Pamphlets on Architecture and Related Subjects Published in American Before 1895


Henry-Russell Hitchcock

American Architectural Books was first published in 1942.

Out of print for some years, this bibliography, now reissued, provides a list of books, portfolios, and pamphlets on American architecture and related subjects published in America before 1895. In a preface to the new printing, Mr. Hitchcock has added some bibliographic listings. The major kinds of works covered by the bibliography are the builders’ guides and house pattern books which dominated early American architectural publishing. The bibliographic information includes a designation of libraries or other collections which possess copies of the items listed. The book will be useful to libraries and other institutions and individuals who collect American architectural works and to students of American architecture of the periods between the Revolution and the end of the nineteenth century.

Henry-Russell Hitchcock was Sophia Smith Professor of Art at Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts.

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