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Along the Journey River

A Mystery


Carole laFavor
Foreword by Lisa Tatonetti

Along the Journey River

When tribal traditions run strong, is it possible to love an “other”?

Several sacred artifacts have gone missing from the Minnesota Red Earth Reservation and the suspect list is continuously growing. While it could be the racists from the bordering town, or a young man struggling with problems at home, or the county coroner and his cronies, the need for answers and apprehending the culprit is amplified when Jed Morriseau, the Tribal Chairman, is murdered. Investigating these mysterious occurrences because of tribal traditions and the honor of her family, Renee LaRoche works to track down the people responsible. But can she maintain her intense investigation as well as her new relationship with Samantha Salisbury, the visiting women’s studies professor at the white college nearby? Renee is caught between the traditions of her tribe and efforts to help her chimook lover accept their cultural differences.

Along the Journey River

Carole laFavor (1948–2011) was a Two-Spirit Ojibwe novelist and activist who lived and worked in Minnesota. She was a member of the President’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS in the 1990s and worked with organizations that supported Native American people with HIV/AIDS. She is also author of Evil Dead Center: A Mystery (Minnesota, 2017).

Lisa Tatonetti is associate professor of English at Kansas State University. She is author of The Queerness of Native American Literature (Minnesota, 2014).

Theresa Lafavor is the daughter of Carole laFavor and teaches at Pacific University.


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