Advances in the Zoology of Tapeworms, 1950-1970


Robert A. Wardle, James A. McLeod, and Sydney Radinovsky

This volume is a sequel to the comprehensive study by Professors Robert A. Wardle and James A. McLeod, The Zoology of Tapeworms, published by the University of Minnesota Press in 1952. The new book is based on research and publications which have become available since the earlier volume was published.

While much of the information in the earlier book was devoted to the identification, description, and classification of families, genera, and species, research efforts in the last two decades have been focused in new directions. Although some researchers have been engaged in revising the original classification in the light of new findings, others have been exploring specificity, serology, and genetics, and have undertaken studies of host-parasite relationships, pathogenesis, and therapeutics in the treatment of tapeworm infestation. These investigations have been facilitated by laboratory techniques which were not available for earlier studies.

Following introductory chapters on the recent expansion of tapeworm research and the phylogeny of tapeworms, the authors devote a chapter each to 21 orders of tapeworms. The material is based on a survey of the literature including more than 2,000 papers on tapeworm zoology published since 1950. Chapters on laboratory propagation and on therapeutics complete the text, and there is an extensive list of references. Many drawings illustrate the text.

Robert A. Wardle and James A. McLeod were professors of zoology at the University of Manitoba.

Sydney Radinovsky was a professor of biology at Millersville University.

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