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Book reviews collection for homepage

The Thoughtbook of F. Scott Fitzgerald: A lesson on self-awareness without self-consciousness.
Maria Popova of Brain Pickings reviews.
Bookkaholic: No Saints around Here
Review of Susan Allen Toth's book.
'Summa Technologiae' portrays a grim and sober singularity
io9 reviews Stanislaw Lem's book.
Global Warming via Hyperobjects
Notes from a professor on teaching Timothy Morton's HYPEROBJECTS.
Chapter 16: Social Death and Its Afterlives
Lisa Guenther contemplates solitary confinement—historically, socially, and philosophically
'The Stray Bullet' a riveting, insightful read
The Newnan Times-Herald reviews Jorge Garcia-Robles' book about William S. Burroughs' time in Mexico
MN Reads: Mary Casanova
KUMD interviews the author of Frozen, Moose Tracks, and Wolf Shadows.
35 Books All Educators of African American and Latino Students Must Read
Uprising radio: The Changs Next Door to the Díazes
Interview with author Wendy Cheng.
Rite of Passage: Ready for air, ready for motherhood
Review of Kate Hopper's memoir in Left Brain Buddha.
Pioneer Press: A look at worthwhile Minnesota-connected books
Several University of Minnesota Press books listed -- including 'The Inconvenient Indian' by Thomas King and 'True and Untrue and Other Norse Tales' by Sigrid Undset.
Harriman vs. Hill: "Narrative history at its best."
Larry Haeg's book reviewed in, owned and operated by the Economic History Association.
KARE 11: Looking at the history of Northwest Airlines
An interview with Jack El-Hai, author of 'Non-Stop.'
Newsweek: You’re Only Human. That’s the Problem
Review of Tim Morton's 'Hyperobjects'
Twin Cities Business: The Land of Dreams
'The Land of Dreams' is the first book in Vidar Sundstøl’s “Minnesota Trilogy,” and it became the University of Minnesota Press’ biggest seller of 2013.
Hazel & Wren: Vacationland
Review of Sarah Stonich's work of fiction.
Screening the Past: Taking Place
Review of the collection edited by John David Rhodes and Elena Gorfinkel.
Pioneer Press: The best books of 2013
Included in this list are A LOVE AFFAIR WITH BIRDS and VACATIONLAND.
The Cherokee One Feather: One Good Story, That One is Native humor at its finest
Review of Thomas King's book.
MN Reads: Eric Dregni
KUMD interviews the author of In Cod We Trust and Vikings in the Attic.