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Book reviews collection for homepage

The Family That Canoes Together, Time Travels Together
Review of the new memoir by Sue Leaf, 'Portage: A Family, a Canoe, and the Search for the Good Life'
The Role of Plants in the Order of Life
UTNE exerpt: The story of “The Year the Roses Died” embodies the teaching of the place of plants in our world.
Curbed: Stunning Midcentury Architecture In Minnesota You Haven't Seen Before
On Larry Millett's MINNESOTA MODERN.
Minnesota Women's Press: On Sarah Deer, Changemaker
One in three Native women will be sexually assaulted during her lifetime, compared to one woman in five in the general population.
Flavorwire's 16 Must-Have Gifts for the Movie Geek In Your Life
Includes Awakening the Eye by George Kouvaros.
PopMatters: Do We Need a Book That Talks About Videogames in Relation to Kant's Thoughts on the Sublime?
Whether you played Pac-Man as a kid, are a videogame fanatic, or simply enjoy 'Words with Friends,' HOW TO TALK ABOUT VIDEOGAMES has much to offer.
Blogging death, and searching for meaning in a painful decline
The National Book Review on We Know How This Ends (Bruce Kramer and Cathy Wurzer).
Fox 9: A book that rocks and rolls
M. A. Rosko talks with Rick Shefchik.
Roy Christopher: Pseudonymity, Anonymity, and Obfuscation
Review of Improper Names by Marco Deseriis.
Publishers Weekly: Our Gang
Review of Julia Lee's book on The Little Rascals.
The Atlantic: A new book offers a different perspective on The Little Rascals.
Review of Julia Lee's OUR GANG.
Interchange – Embodied By Prisons: First the Whip, Then the Chains, and Then…
Interview with Lisa Guenther, author of SOLITARY CONFINEMENT.
The New Inquiry: Media Matters
Silicon Valley’s rhetoric of magical innovation relies on a hidden abode of rare earth mining and hydro-cooled server farms. A review of Jussi Parikka's A GEOLOGY OF MEDIA.
Kare 11: Birchwood Cafe recipes at home
Pear Cranberry Chutney with Tracy Singleton and Marshall Paulsen of The Birchwood Cafe.
Modern love: Book sheds light on midcentury modernism in Minnesota
Star Tribune: Architectural historian Larry Millett's latest book sheds light on midcentury modernism in Minnesota – and how it shaped the Twin Cities we know today.
Larry Millett makes the case for saving midcentury architecture
MinnPost reviews MINNESOTA MODERN.
Lavender: America’s First Gay Marriage, 44 Years Later
Interview with Michael McConnell and Jack Baker.
MinnPost: 'Everybody's Heard about the Bird' meant to be savored and saved.
From its beautiful first sentence (“In the beginning was Augie Garcia”) to the gorgeous up-from-the-archives posters and photos and meticulous reporting that fills its 350 pages, this is a book made and meant to be savored and saved.
Uprising with Sarah Deer
There is an epidemic of rape in the United States.
MPR: The story behind 'Surfin' Bird'