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Book reviews collection for homepage

UMN English department: Q&A with Kate Hopper
In this pioneering memoir of birthing and caring for a premature baby, a mother is only human
Gayla Marty in Minnesota Women's Press
"Think about our impact on forests and take time to get to know the trees, even if it's just one tree in your yard."
Los Angeles Review of Books: The curious history of The Inconvenient Indian
Some background on the book by Thomas King.
Artists Unscripted in Minnesota Monthly
Interview with Kate Hopper (Ready for Air) and Kevin Kling.
Library Journal: Ready for Air
Review of Kate Hopper's memoir.
1913 hurricane laid a trail of destruction across the Great Lakes
Michael Schumacher talks about the epic storm that is the subject of his book NOVEMBER'S FURY.
MinnPost: U of M reissues Sigrid Undset’s Norwegian tales
“In Norway, [Sigrid Undset is] a key part of the canon."
MN Reads: Sarah Stonich
KUMD interviews Stonich, whose most recent novel is Vacationland.
People treated like pests: Lit/Rant on Thomas King's Inconvenient Indian
"He’s outrageously funny. He’s also outraged, and after reading this 'curious' history, any normal person would join him."
Who We Are In What We Wear
Paula Rabinowitz, co-editor of the Habits of Being series, on KBOO Community Radio.
"Ultimately, King tries to be optimistic about the future."
Failure magazine reviews THE INCONVENIENT INDIAN.
Under the Hood of Wolfgang Ernst’s Media Archaeology
Review of DIGITAL MEMORY AND THE ARCHIVE in Reviews in Cultural Theory.
Reviews in Cultural Theory: Under the Hood of Wolfgang Ernst’s Media Archaeology
Review of Digital Memory and the Archive by Wolfgang Ernst.
The Holographic Human
HumAnimalia reviews Dominic Pettman's HUMAN ERROR.
Dave Page won’t let us forget F. Scott Fitzgerald
MinnPost feature on The Thoughtbook of F. Scott Fitzgerald—the young author's teen-aged diary.
Publishers Weekly | Burroughs in Mexico: Man of Myth
PW reviews THE STRAY BULLET by Jorge Garcia-Robles.
The Thoughtbook in Library Journal
MN Reads: Atina Diffley
KUMD interviews the author of Turn Here Sweet Corn.
MPR: Remembering the 'Root Beer Lady' of Knife Lake
MPR segment on the North Shore's Root Beer Lady (the subject of a book of the same name by Bob Cary)
National Rhetorics, Native Claims
Against the Grain interviews Thomas Patin, editor of OBSERVATION POINTS.