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Book reviews collection for homepage

The Reading Life: Los Angeles Times reviews Out of the Vinyl Deeps
L.A. Times review of Out of the Vinyl Deeps: Ellen Willis on Rock Music
2011 International Latino Book Awards: Carmen Lomas Garza
The 2011 International Latino Book Awards has named Carmen Lomas Garza, an A Ver series book by Constance Cortez, its first place winner in the Best Arts Book (English) category.
India Microfinance Business News reviews Microfinance and Its Discontents
India Microfinance Business News reviews Microfinance and Its Discontents by Lamia Karim.
Salon: The anti-gay bullying problem is bigger than Bachmann (with commentary by Stuart Biegel)
Author Stuart Biegel weighs in on anti-gay prejudice and more specifically, the problem of bullying in Minnesota's Anoka-Hennepin school district.
residentialarchitect Magazine reviews The Invisible Element of Place
residentialarchitect, a magazine of The American Institute of Architects, reviews The Invisible Element of Place: The Architecture of David Salmela, by Thomas Fisher.
Reflections on Nhi T. Lieu's The American Dream in Vietnamese
VIETLUU.COM: An anti-colonial examination of all things political, reviews Nhi T. Lieu's The American Dream in Vietnamese.
KMSU Weekly Reader interviews chef Jenny Breen
Chef Jenny Breen discusses her new cookbook, Cooking up the Good Life: Creative Recipes for the Family Table, which she co-authored with writer Susan Thurston. The cookbook is organized by season to emphasize cooking healthy meals with local ingredients. In this interview Jenny suggests some kid-friendly recipes, explains why you shouldn't peel carrots, and illuminates how her path to chefdom was launched by her first high school job: working at McDonald's.
Space Cool Hunting: remixthebook feature
Mark Amerika – Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A. - is the author of two novels: The Kafka Chronicles and Sexual Blood, the first Avant-Pop Manifesto and books such as Meta/Data: A Digital Poetics and 29 Inches. He has completely redefined the Concept of Literature and Media_Art because according to him the Net not only promotes a more direct and interactive Author_Reader relation but stimulates the Creation of Radical Artists network that were relegated to the editorial industry microcosms before.
The Reading Life: Ellen Willis' vinyl deeps
Review of Ellen Willis's Out of the Vinyl Deeps in the Los Angeles Times.
Fractured Politics Interview: Ian Bogost
Interview with Ian Bogost, author of How to Do Things with Videogames, in Fractured Politics.
Not Even Past: Sister Arts
Not Even Past reviews Lisa Moore's SISTER ARTS.
Her Life Was Saved by Rock 'n' Roll: Ellen Willis Espoused the Existential Crises of Rock
Review of Out of the Vinyl Deeps, a compilation of Rock, Etc., essays by Ellen Willis, in The Jewish Daily Forward.
On living, without illusions, the experience of disillusionment
Rachel Weiss on her book To and from Utopia in the New Cuban Art in ROROTOKO.
CultureLab: Life in the tangled Everglades
CultureLab (New Scientist) reviews Laura Ogden's SWAMPLIFE.
Contemporary Sociology reviews Socialism and Modernity
Review of Socialism and Modernity by Peter Beilharz in Contemporary Sociology.
Technology and Culture reviews Twilight Rails
The network of rail lines that spread throughout the United States by the end of the nineteenth century proved to be one of the engineering marvels in American history. Contrasted with the excitement that nineteenth-century railroads generated when the industry was still relatively young, rail lines constructed in the first few decades of the twentieth century—twilight rails—traditionally were seen by historians as business failures and lacking in the positive community impact that the older lines had during the heyday of railroad construction. One of the premier historians of railroad history, H. Roger Grant, refutes the long-held interpretation of the twentieth-century lines in Twilight Rails: The Final Era of Railroad Building in the Midwest.
Wisconsin Public Radio: Traveling medicine show
Interview with Michael Fedo, author of A Sawdust Heart: My Vaudeville Life in Medicine and Tent Shows, on Wisconsin Public Radio.
Gay Life Against Marriage
A review of Derek Jarman's At Your Own Risk in The New Inquiry.
Maya migration and the tourist trade in Cancun
Review of A Return to Servitude: Maya Migration and the Tourist Trade in Cancun by M. Bianet Castellanos in Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources.
Falafel one of many family-friendly recipes in new cookbook
Review of Cooking Up the Good Life by Twin Cities chef Jenny Breen and writer Susan Thurston in the Bemidji Pioneer.