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Permissions & Ordering Information

Please note: MMPI test materials are available directly from Pearson Assessments, the exclusively licensed distributor of all MMPI-2-RF, MMPI-2 and MMPI-A test products.

A Level "C" qualification is required to purchase MMPI® materials from Pearson Assessments, please see the user qualifications. Please contact their customer service department to place an order or if you have product questions.

Pearson Assessments
Phone: (800) 627-7271 or 952-681-3232
Fax: (800) 632-9011 or 952-681-3299
Web: Pearson Assessments

Commercial Requests

Please complete and submit the Commercial Permission Request for permission to reproduce a portion of a test instrument in a book or journal publication.

Research Requests

Please complete and submit the Request for License to Reproduce Test Materials for Research form for permission to use a portion of a test instrument in research.

The University of Minnesota Press makes test materials available for research for the MPQ instruments. Files are provided via email for download / use (print materials are not available). 

Request and Order Form to Reproduce MPQ Test Materials for Non-Student Research

Request for License to Reproduce Test Materials for Research (dissertation use)

Order Forms

For information on using the SNAP-2, please contact Dr. Lee Anna Clark at .

The Press makes the MTDDA Booklet / Clinical Record Form available.  
Please note that only the booklet / record form is available, and not the entire set of test materials.

Order Form for the MTDDA Booklet / Clinical Record

The Press does not allow for the reproduction of test items in dissertations / thesis, journal articles, books or online.

All permission requests should be sent as e-mail attachments to:

University of Minnesota Press Test Division
Test Division Manager