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MMPI-A-RF Reports

Learn more about the MMPI-A-RF Score Report and MMPI-A-RF Interpretive Report


The MMPI-A-RF Score and Interpretive Reports provide raw and scores for all 48 empirically validated scales of the MMPI-A-RF. Comparative means and standard deviations from one of 10 different standard settings, or a custom comparison group, can optionally be reported.

Score Report

  • Six validity scales offer reliable measures of random responding, fixed responding, over-reporting, and under-reporting—enabling clinicians to comprehensively assess protocol validity. 
  • Higher-Order Scales assess the three over-arching dimensions of psychopathology: Emotional Internalizing Dysfunction (EID), Thought Dysfunction (THD), and Behavioral/Externalizing Dysfunction (BXD). 
  • Somatic/Cognitive and Internalizing Scales include measures of self-reported poor health and specific somatic and cognitive complaints as well as measures of emotional dysfunction. 
  • Externalizing, Interpersonal, and Interest Scales provide measures of behavioral dysfunction; measures of specific types of interpersonal dysfunction; and measures of two types of general interests. 
  • Updated from the MMPI-A, Harkness and McNulty''s PSY-5 Scales provide a temperament-oriented perspective on major dimensions of personality pathology.

Interpretive Report

In addition to full scoring information, the Interpretive Report contains the following narrative sections: 

  • Comprehensive information about potential threats to test validity 
  • Substantive Scale Interpretation—Description of clinical symptoms, personality characteristics, and behavioral tendencies 
  • Diagnostic Considerations—Any diagnostic possibilities indicated by test results 
  • Treatment Considerations—Recommendations pertaining to treatment planning 
  • Item-Level Information—List of unscorable responses, critical responses, and user-designated item-level information (if selected) 
  • Endnotes—Identification of scores that triggered each statement

To order the MMPI-A-RF Score or Interpretive Reports, visit our distributor, Pearson.