Special sale: Education research

Interdisciplinary scholarship on education research, ethnography, and case studies.

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Twenty Days in 1970 When Minneapolis Teachers Broke the Law

William D. Green

The Promise of Youth Anti-Citizenship

Race and Revolt in Education

Kevin L Clay, Kevin Lawrence Henry

Good Boys, Bad Hombres

The Racial Politics of Mentoring Latino Boys in Schools

Michael V Singh

Knowing Silence

How Children Talk about Immigration Status in School

Ariana Mangual Figueroa

Unsettling Choice

Race, Rights, and the Partitioning of Public Education

Ujju Aggarwal

What We Teach When We Teach DH

Digital Humanities in the Classroom

Brian Croxall, Diane K. Jakacki

Creating Our Own Lives

College Students with Intellectual Disability

Michael Gill, Beth Myers

Opening Ceremony

Inviting Inclusion into University Governance

Kathryn J. Gindlesparger

On the Digital Humanities

Essays and Provocations

Stephen Ramsay

Debates in the Digital Humanities 2023

Matthew K. Gold, Lauren F. Klein

Expelling Public Schools

How Antiracist Politics Enable School Privatization in Newark

John Arena

The Unteachables

Disability Rights and the Invention of Black Special Education

Keith A. Mayes

All through the Town

The School Bus as Educational Technology

Antero Garcia

Meaningless Citizenship

Iraqi Refugees and the Welfare State

Sally Wesley Bonet

The School-Prison Trust

Sabina E. Vaught, Bryan McKinley Jones Brayboy, Chin Jeremiah

Algorithms of Education

How Datafication and Artificial Intelligence Shape Policy

Kalervo N. Gulson, Sam Sellar, P. Taylor Webb

Studious Drift

Movements and Protocols for a Postdigital Education

Peter Hyland, Tyson E. Lewis

People, Practice, Power

Digital Humanities outside the Center

Anne B. McGrail, Angel David Nieves, Siobhan Senier

The Digital Is Kid Stuff

Making Creative Laborers for a Precarious Economy

Josef Nguyen

Raising Ollie

How My Nonbinary Art-Nerd Kid Changed (Nearly) Everything I Know

Tom Rademacher

Curiosity and Power

The Politics of Inquiry

Perry Zurn

Curiosity Studies

A New Ecology of Knowledge

Perry Zurn, Arjun Shankar

Border Thinking

Latinx Youth Decolonizing Citizenship

Andrea Dyrness, Enrique Sepúlveda III

Class Action

Desegregation and Diversity in San Francisco Schools

Rand Quinn

The Price of Nice

How Good Intentions Maintain Educational Inequity

Angelina E. Castagno

Beyond Education

Radical Studying for Another World

Eli Meyerhoff

Debates in the Digital Humanities 2019

Matthew K. Gold, Lauren F. Klein

Living on Campus

An Architectural History of the American Dormitory

Carla Yanni

A Contest without Winners

How Students Experience Competitive School Choice

Kate Phillippo

The Right to Be Out

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in America's Public Schools, Second Edition

Stuart Biegel

Black Boys Apart

Racial Uplift and Respectability in All-Male Public Schools

Freeden Blume Oeur

Youth Media Matters

Participatory Cultures and Literacies in Education

Korina M. Jocson

UW Struggle

When a State Attacks Its University

Chuck Rybak

Inheriting Possibility

Social Reproduction and Quantification in Education

Ezekiel J. Dixon-Román

It Won't Be Easy

An Exceedingly Honest (and Slightly Unprofessional) Love Letter to Teaching

Tom Rademacher

Juárez Girls Rising

Transformative Education in Times of Dystopia

Claudia G. Cervantes-Soon


Education and the Dispossession of Youth in a Prison School

Sabina E. Vaught

Downed by Friendly Fire

Black Girls, White Girls, and Suburban Schooling

Signithia Fordham

First Strike

Educational Enclosures in Black Los Angeles

Damien M. Sojoyner

For the Children?

Protecting Innocence in a Carceral State

Erica R. Meiners

A Curriculum of Fear

Homeland Security in U.S. Public Schools

Nicole Nguyen

The Imperial University

Academic Repression and Scholarly Dissent

Piya Chatterjee, Sunaina Maira