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Derek Jarman Derek Jarman
A Biography The definitive biography of Britain’s influential and iconic film director Tony Peake 2011 Book
Derek Jarman’s Angelic Conversations Derek Jarman’s Angelic Conversations
A comprehensive look at the work of Britain’s most controversial director Jim Ellis 2009 Book
Modern Nature Modern Nature
Iconoclastic and controversial filmmaker Derek Jarman’s candid journals Derek Jarman 2009 Book
Dancing Ledge Dancing Ledge
Derek Jarman’s stunning account of his life and art Derek Jarman 2010 Book
At Your Own Risk At Your Own Risk
A Saint’s Testament Derek Jarman’s defiant and provocative memoir of his life and times Derek Jarman 2010 Book
Smiling in Slow Motion Smiling in Slow Motion
Part diary, part observation, part memoir—writings from Derek Jarman’s final years Derek Jarman 2011 Book
Jubilee Jubilee
Six Film Scripts A collection of brilliant, largely unrealized, intensely personal film scripts by Derek Jarman Derek Jarman 2011 Book
Kicking the Pricks Kicking the Pricks
The shockingly honest journals of the acclaimed filmmaker and gay rights activist Derek Jarman 2010 Book
Chroma Chroma
A Book of Color A meditation on the color spectrum by Britain’s most controversial filmmaker Derek Jarman 2010 Book
ExternalPageBrain 'Pandemonium' and the 20th anniversary of Derek Jarman's passing
BY TONY PEAKE Biographer of Derek Jarman On the 19th of February, it will have been 20 years since Derek Jarman died, at age 52, of HIV-related caus ... 02/12/2014 Blog Post