Publish on Manifold


The University of Minnesota Press is currently accepting proposals for book projects specifically developed for Manifold Scholarship. Manifold is an intuitive, collaborative platform for scholarly publishing. With iterative texts, powerful annotation tools, rich media support, and robust community dialogue, Manifold transforms scholarly publications into living digital works.

Manifold will develop and support scholarly publications on an interactive, open-source platform alongside the print edition of a book.  Projects under consideration for Manifold will benefit from the same levels of editorial development and evaluation as the press’s established scholarly book program. 

Proposals for works submitted for Manifold should contain an additional 1-2 pages considering the following questions:

  • What makes the book project particularly suitable for Manifold?
  • What aspects of an online platform (networked material, online communities, digital archives, etc.) would the project take advantage of?
  • Does the author or authors have access to materials, such as additional text, images, audio and video, that can serve as supplemental content available with the Manifold edition?
  • What subvention sources, if any, might be available to support the open-access edition?
  • Manifold Scholarship has the ability to transform monographs into evolving works of scholarship. What level of engagement is envisioned, both before and after the publication of the monograph? This might include the uploading of works in progress, curation of additional archival or research materials, the development of public scholarship, dialogues with reader communities, open peer review, etc.

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