2011 Awards

Scholarly, trade and regional book awards given to University of Minnesota Press books in 2011.

Listed in alphabetical order according to award:


American Library Association – Over the Rainbow list of LGBTIQ books for adults

The Right to Be Out


American Library Association – Stonewall Honor Book Non-Fiction

The Right to Be Out


Association of American Geographers – Meridian Book Award

Seeking Asylum


American Political Science Association – 2011 Lynton Caldwell Prize for Best Book in Environmental Politics published in the past 3 years

Fighting for the Future of Food


American Sociological Association – Collective Behavior and Social Movements Section Charles Tilly Award (Honorable Mention)

Fighting for the Future of Food


Computers and Composition 2010 Distinguished Book Award

From A to <A>


Media Ecology Association - Dorothy Lee Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Culture

The Common Pot


Midwest Book Award – Midwest Regional Interest Category

The Opposite of Cold


Minnesota Book Award – General Nonfiction

The Opposite of Cold


Minnesota Book Award – Minnesota Nonfiction

North Country


Minnesota Book Award – Reader’s Choice Award

News to Me


National Council on Public History – 2011 Book Award (Honorable Mention)

Those About Him Remained Silent


Native American Library Symposium – 2011 Beatrice Medicine Award for Scholarship in Native American Studies



Royal Geography Society's Murchison Award for publications in political geography

Terror and Territory


Society of Architectural Historians - 2010 Antoinette Forrester Downing Award

The Once and Future New York


Society for Cinema and Media Studies – 2011 Katherine Singer Kovacs Book Award (Honorable Mention)

The Anime Machine