Press Kit: The Slumbering Masses by Matthew J. Wolf-Meyer
Cover image, press release, author Q&A, and author bio for THE SLUMBERING MASSES.
Press Kit: The Spoonriver Cookbook by Brenda Langton and Margaret Stuart
Book release, bio, cover image, praise, recipe excerpts, and photos of THE SPOONRIVER COOKBOOK.
Press Kit: The Right to Be Out by Stuart Biegel
The Right to Be Out begins with a cogent history and analysis of the dramatic legal developments concerning the rights of LGBT persons since 1968. Stuart Biegel then turns to what K–12 schools should do to implement right-to-be-out policies. He examines recent legal and public policy changes that affect LGBT students and educators in the K–12 public school system.
Press Kit: Pink Ribbons, Inc., by Samantha King
In Pink Ribbons, Inc., Samantha King traces how breast cancer has been transformed from a stigmatized disease and individual tragedy to a market-driven industry of survivorship. Here, for the first time, King questions the effectiveness and legitimacy of privately funded efforts to stop the epidemic among American women. Highly revelatory—at times shocking—Pink Ribbons, Inc. challenges the commercialization of the breast cancer movement.