Suspended Animation: Children's Picture Books and the Fairy Tale of Modernity by Nathalie op de Beeck has been declared the best book of 2010 by the Children's Literature Association

Mar 27, 2012

opdebeeck_suspended coverUniversity of Minnesota Press is excited at the news that Suspended Animation: Children's Picture Books and the Fairy Tale of Modernity by Nathalie op de Beeck has received a Best Book of 2010 distinction from the Children's Literature Association.

From the ChLA website:

[This book award is] awarded annually by the Children's Literature Association to recognize outstanding book-length contributions to children's literature history, scholarship, and criticism.


Suspended Animation analyzes the phenomenon of American picture books and what their imaginative form and content reveal about the modern nation. With engaging color and black-and-white illustrations from influential texts, Nathalie op de Beeck shows how these word-and-picture sequences provide deceptively simple stories within the specific historical and cultural contexts of the period between the 1910s and 1940s.

"Lavishly illustrated, this panorama of picture books from the 1920s and ‘30s opens an expanse of brilliantly executed visual narratives that set the context for some of the most cherished landmarks of American childhood, from Millions of Cats to Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel. Much of the material we encounter in this book springs from a modernist New York between the wars, where experiments in drama, design, or dada had an impact on the design of picture books. Nathalie op de Beeck’s extended readings make us eager to explore the energetic, droll, technologically innovative texts for ourselves."
—Margaret R. Higonnet, University of Connecticut

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