Fundraiser announced for second edition of Minnesota's Natural Heritage by John Tester

We're asking for support to help us publish the book at a price and scale that will make it widely accessible to Minnesota’s classrooms, libraries, and independent bookstores. We appreciate gifts of any amount.

Minneapolis, MN May 28, 2020

To our Minnesota friends:

During these quarantine days, it’s been so uplifting to step outside into Minnesota at its late spring peak. Seeing the lilacs in bloom, tree-lined streets, lakes shimmering in the distance.

Our state’s natural beauty is unique, irreplaceable, and worthy of celebration. That’s why we’re so proud to be publishing a second edition of John Tester’s critically important book, Minnesota’s Natural Heritage, for its twenty-fifth anniversary this fall.

The Star Tribune review of the first edition called it “a book that should be in the home of every Minnesotan who uses the outdoors,” and Governor Elmer Andersen added that it was one of the “most important publishing accomplishments of this or any other year.” The book has gone on to educate a generation of ecologists and influence conservation efforts at the highest levels.

The definitive work on Minnesota’s natural history and ecology—updated, expanded, and copiously illustrated to account for profound changes to the state’s natural landscape over the past twenty-five yearsWe are asking for your support to help us publish the second edition of Minnesota’s Natural Heritage at a price and scale that will make it widely accessible to Minnesota’s classrooms, libraries, and independent bookstores.

The book has been fully revised and updated for its second edition, reflecting the new challenges posed to Minnesota’s forests, lakes, wetlands, and rivers in the 21st century. With more than 300 color photographs and fully reimagined interior design, it will be a book as beautiful as the complex ecosystems it documents.

We have set up an online fundraiser through the U of M’s Community Funded platform to support this important project. It’s easy to donate, and we appreciate gifts of any amount. Your support is crucial and greatly appreciated as we strive to produce this book at the highest standards while facing the adverse economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis, which has affected the book industry at all levels.

John Tester believed that an understanding of Minnesota’s natural heritage would lead to wise use of our land and resources, preserving our state’s ecosystems for future generations to enjoy. By giving this book a second life, we hope to extend John’s legacy of ecological understanding for decades to come.

Thank you so much for your support of the University of Minnesota Press and its continuing work in regional and natural history publishing. 

With warm regards,

Eric Lundgren

Outreach and Development Manager

(314) 305-5503 /

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