University of Minnesota Press is one of three publishers to partner with Dunn Bros. in virtual bookstore for coffee lovers

Sep 20, 2012
Hillcrest Media Group, which both publishes books as a traditional press and works with self-publishers, and Dunn Brothers Coffee, which specializes in premium coffees, are partnering to bring books by emerging authors to Dunn Brothers customers. The new venture,, is an online bookstore with a presence in 50 or 60 of the approximately 80 Dunn Brothers coffee houses located around the country. Most of the coffee shops participating initially are located in Minnesota, with a few in Texas, Illinois, and Kansas also participating. is launching with 14 titles from both traditional publishers and self-publishers. Besides one featured title prominently displayed on its Web site, Things That Are by Amy Leach (Milkweed Editions), there are five “member favorites” titles, including adult fiction, YA fiction, and memoir.  Participating publishers include, to date, Milkweed Editions, with four titles; University of Minnesota Press, with two titles; and Hillcrest Media, with three titles that were published under both its traditional publishing division, the rest through its self-publishing division.