Wired: Why we often view digital culture through insect metaphors

Review of Jussi Parikka's INSECT MEDIA.

Parikka_Insect coverHumanity has often looked to the insect world for its technological metaphors, and now for digital inspiration

Swarms. Hive minds. The web*.

It can be hard to avoid talking about our digital culture without using insect metaphors.

Yet for new media theorist Jussi Parikka, it may be more than just a metaphor. Parikka is reader in Media and Design at Winchester School of Art and author of the Anne Friedberg Award-winning Insect Media.

"For me Insect Media started from a realisation and a question: why do we constantly talk about digital culture and networks through insect metaphors?" says Parikka. "Is it just a metaphoric relation? If yes, why do we make sense of high technological culture through references to these small brained, rather 'dumb' animals? Or is there even more to this?

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Published in: Wired
By: Mark Piesing