Wimpy, Hungry Holiday Titles Keep Cash Registers Ringing

Children's book industry news from Publishers Weekly, with mention of TWELVE OWLS by Laura Erickson and Betsy Bowen.

Erickson_Twelve coverThat some bestsellers are local was evidenced by regional twists in many stores’ lists. At Wild Rumpus it was University of Minnesota Press’s Twelve Owls by Laura Erickson and Betsy Bowen. Morgan was also surprised by sales for a graphic Bible with Lego illustrations, The Brick Bible (Skyhorse), as told and illustrated by Brendan Powell Smith, with no local connection. "We always have books from local authors. That’s the kind of thing people expect to find here, unique things," says Maureen Corcoran, owner of Breakwater Books in Guilford, Ct. Home for Christmas (Putnam) by New England author Jan Brett sold particularly well there, too. At Square Books in Oxford, Miss., Eric Litwin’s Pete the Cat picture book series, illustrated by Georgia artist James Dean, beat out Wimpy Kid. And at Hicklebee’s one of the bestselling picture books was Inga Moore’s A House in the Woods (Candlewick), which the staff selected as its book of the year "because it perfectly illustrates friendship, cooperation, and teamwork."

Published in: Publishers Weekly
By: By Judith Rosen, with reporting by Claire Kirch, Marc Schultz, and Wendy Werris

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