Turn here for sweet corn, and you'll be glad you did

The Iowa City Press Citizen on Atina Diffley's book: "Whatever you do, don’t just stop after 100 pages or so."

Diffley_Turn coverWhatever you do, don’t just stop after 100 pages or so.

If you do, you might become so taken with Diffley’s account of simultaneously falling in love with her future husband, Martin, and with the “Gardens of Eagan” he tends that you’ll start dreaming about buying a few tillable acres yourself so that you, too, can experience that love of the soil firsthand.

“Roots are one thing to recognize — with their hold on the soul, the way they channel life and ancestral lessons, knit communities together,” Diffley writes. “It is harder to find a beginning. Where is that point, that magic line called start? Is it when the seed goes into the ground? When the field is first worked? Way back before there was soil, when boulders weathered into the fine particles of parent material?”

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Published in: Iowa City Press Citizen
By: Jeff Charis-Carlson