"The rule of silence, once broken, lets all kinds of weird things bubble up."

Barbara Fister for Scandinavian Crime Fiction reviews Vidar Sundstol's ONLY THE DEAD.

Only The Dead by Vidar SundstolIn this second volume of the Minnesota Trilogy, Norwegian author Vidar Sundstøl continues exploring the rift between the past and the present, between European settlers and the native inhabitants of the Arrowhead region of Minnesota, and between two brothers living on the shores of Lake Superior in the present. Though I am not a series-order purist, this is truly a trilogy, not a series of mysteries with recurring characters. This story will make a great deal more sense if you’ve previously read the first volume, The Land of DreamsAnd if you haven’t, you might want to stop reading this review right now, because I can’t avoid serious spoliers for the first book. I’d turn back if I were you.

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Published in: Scandinavian Crime Fiction
By: Barbara Fister