The Role of Plants in the Order of Life

UTNE exerpt: The story of “The Year the Roses Died” embodies the teaching of the place of plants in our world.

Plants Have So Much to Give Us (Geniusz)Gichi-mewinzha gii-oshki-niiging akiing, a very long time ago, when the earth was new, there was a horrible year that was remembered as “The Year the Roses Died.” In that long-ago time a large number of animals depended on the roses for their food. But that spring there were no roses, not on the wide prairie, not in the mountain meadows nor in the most hidden forest glade. The roses were gone. When the animals realized the roses were really not going to grow that spring, there was a great outcry and a call for a council meeting to determine what had happened and, most important, “who did it?”

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Published in: UTNE
By: Mary Siisip Geniusz