The Ring of Fire Network: America’s Gutless Judiciary Brings Havoc For Consumers

Mike Papantonio talks with author Roberta Walburn about the story of a former judge that once brought a corrupt fortune 500 company into bankruptcy.

Miles Lord (Roberta Walburn)Corporations seem to always go unpunished for the crimes they commit. At best, the justice system imposes fines when the products of these companies harm people, but given the amount of money they make and that many cases company’s CEOs knew their products could hurt people. These fines are ridiculous. They’re cheap and they’re pathetic. There was one justice figured in the U.S. history that never let corporations off the hook. In fact, one of these cases ended up with the bankruptcy of a corrupt Fortune 500 company.

Joining me to talk about this famous judge is Roberta Walburn, author of his biography Miles Lord: The Maverick Judge Who Brought Corporate America to Justice. Who is Judge Miles Lord and how would you describe his philosophy on the bench? Talk to me about that.

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Published in: The Ring of Fire Network
By: Mike Papantonio