'The Price of Thirst' reveals the increasing divide between those who need water and those who own it.

Alexa Ahern from Vox Magazine reviews 'The Price of Thirst' by Karen Piper

The Price of Thirst by Karen PiperThey profit from your thirst, and they control your water. And Karen Piper wants you to know about it.

In The Price of Thirst, Piper examines the looming crises of water privatization and inequality and calls out the companies responsible. Her research was geographically comprehensive, including first-hand stories of drought-stricken areas near her California home as well as the banks of the Ganges.

In 2012, Piper attended the World Water Forum in France. Heads of state and CEOs convened for the self-proclaimed purpose of solving the world’s water problems. Instead, Piper observed an insular corporate world of water privatization in which the life-sustaining resource is bought and sold like oil — at high costs and with little accountability for the damage caused.

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Published in: Vox Magazine
By: Alexa Ahern