The New Food Economy | Freeganism: food waste's first wave

Dumpster divers spurred interest in food waste a decade ago. Their message went mainstream, but what’s been lost in translation? Featuring FREEGANS by Alex V. Barnard.

Freegans by Alex BarnardBack in the late 1990s, before the birth of today’s high-profile anti-food waste movement (WastEDFeeding the 5000ReFED), there were the freegans. Like today’s activists, freegans were scandalized by wasted food, but they took a more revolutionary stance that sought to undermine business and capitalism. Their dumpster diving both fed them and brought attention to the problem; at the same time, they hoped their boycott of formal economies took money out the pockets of capitalist elites.

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Published in: The New Food Economy
By: Claire Brown