The Manic Gardener – A Farmer’s Story

Kate Gardner of The Manic Gardener podcast interviews Atina Diffley about TURN HERE SWEET CORN.

Diffley_Turn coverWhen they try to make a movie of Atina Diffley’s story, some producer is going to reject it as unbelievable. Losing one organic farm to development, okay; but nearly losing a big chunk of the second to an oil pipeline? A pipeline owned by one of the two largest companies in the United States?

Start with this setup, and it’s a given that Atina takes them on and beats them. To top it off, she not only protects her own land from the pipeline, but she gets Koch to accept an agreement (at least in Minnesota) that will protect all organic farms threatened by pipelines. Then add that Atina had survived five years in an early, abusive marriage.

Isn’t that just a bit much, as plots go? Maybe. But it’s true.

Read and listen here.

Published in: The Manic Gardener
By: Kate Gardner