The Land of Dreams is "a taut mystery with relaxed pacing and access to the very depths of its characters’ souls"

Blogger review of Vidar Sundstøl's THE LAND OF DREAMS.

sundstol_land cover[excerpt]

“The Land of Dreams” is beautifully written. The descriptions of the ancient forests, rivers, and Lake Superior itself transported me to this small town: the sites, the smells, the giddy danger of a summer thunderstorm.

What I especially liked was the pacing in “The Land of Dreams.” So many mysteries race through their stories, only giving the reader pro forma portraits of the characters and the action. In “The Land of Dreams,” we also get a sense of the area’s history, the generally placid relationships between the mostly Norwegian-American community and the native Ojibway Native Americans, and the close-knit nature of a small town and its people. The narrative matches the more relaxed small town pace.

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