The Globe and Mail: Six new crime novels you should really investigate further

Among them: THE LAND OF DREAMS by Vidar Sundstøl

sundstol_land coverLance Hansen is a U.S. Forest Service policeman who’s also his community’s historian and genealogist. That’s an important part of his history and it’s an essential bit of information in this first of three mysteries set in the Norwegian-American community in Minnesota, north of Lake Superior. Award-winning author Sundstol spent two years in Minnesota and he brings the land and its history vividly to life with a case that begins when Hansen comes upon a naked man covered in blood sitting in front of a cross. The man is in deep shock and can only mutter one word, “kjærlighet,” Norwegian for “love.” Who’s dead, how and why? And there is a deeper mystery to come. Books two and three are scheduled for forthcoming seasons and we should all thank University of Minnesota press for bringing this terrific Norwegian series to North America.

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Published in: The Globe and Mail
By: Margaret Cannon