The Dark Carnival shuts down

A searing tribute to that Nostalgic Futurist, Ray Bradbury, from Mark Dery (I MUST NOT THINK BAD THOUGHTS)

Dery_Bad coverThe Million-Year Picnic is over. Ray Bradbury -- chronicler of a starward migration that never came; vintner of dandelion wine; barker on the midway of the Middle American unconscious, ballyhooing illustrated men and mechanical Tarot Witches -- died in Los Angeles on June 5 after what the Los Angeles Times called "a long illness." The man who traced his transformation into a pulp fantasist to the day in 1932 when a carnival magician named Mr. Electrico knighted him with an electrified sword, declaring, "Live forever!," was 91.

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Published in: Las Vegas City Life
By: Mark Dery