The Daily Times interviews Mark Amerika: New Media Takes the Spotlight

Renowned visual artist (and author of REMIXTHEBOOK) displays 'CODEWORK' in Electronic Gallery

Amerika_remixthebookSALISBURY -- Through the glass doors of the Electronic Gallery and around a hanging wall that blocks outside light is CODEWORK.

Though students and other visitors wander in and out of the installation all day, you are likely to find yourself alone in the dark room.

"He closes his eyes," the voice of Berlin actress Jutta Wolfert repeats in 5.1 surround sound as altered images from footage shot in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Hawaii and the Australian Outback flicker across a projection screen.

A soothing yet alien soundscape is synchronized to the video.

CODEWORK is the creation of artist Mark Amerika, who developed the abstract sequences after touring Japan and Europe as a VJ in museums, universities, festivals and techno-clubs.

Published in: The Daily Times
By: Calum McKinney

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