The Daily Iowan: Ask the Author with Petra Kuppers

Professor of Performance Studies and Disability Culture at the University of Michigan, Petra Kuppers’ latest book explores disability culture by focusing on a collection of performances over the last 15 years.

Modeling a disability culture perspective on performance practice toward socially just futures

DI: You’re giving a reading at The Chauncey in Iowa City — is there something that you’re hoping the audience takes away from it?

Kuppers: I hope the audience will take away the richness of what it means to pay attention to our bodily sensations. I hope people will come and will go on a little imaginary journey with me and feel into themselves and see what happens when we pay attention to the materials that surround us. When we pay close attention to how it feels to be in a space together, particularly right now as some of us are barely emerging out of our shells as we’re trying to negotiate masks, what it means to be out in the world again, as we’re engaging with the current state of the COVID pandemic. So, I hope people will come and join me in really thinking about bodily sensation.

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