The Current's Rock 'n' Roll Book Club: Everybody's Heard about the Bird

By Jay Gabler
The Current

Shefchik_EverybodysEverybody's heard about the bird — the "Surfin' Bird," that is. As we discovered when webooked the Trashmen at The Current's 10th Birthday Party last year, though, not everyone today knows that song came out of Minnesota.

"Surfin' Bird" was one of the biggest national hits to come out of the Gopher State during the 1960s, along with the Castaways' "Liar, Liar" and the Gestures' "Run, Run, Run." Rick Shefchik's new book Everybody's Heard About the Bird promises — and delivers —The True Story of 1960s Rock 'n' Roll in Minnesota.

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