The Cherokee One Feather: One Good Story, That One is Native humor at its finest

Review of Thomas King's book.

king_one good coverNearly every word on every page of Thomas King’s One Good Story, That One is carefully crafted and meticulously chosen, but the beauty of it is that most of us sitting around the imaginary campfires or the cozy, familiar front porches that his narrative style evokes in this collection of tales will not realize it until we have reached the end of each story. This is because King is a master of economy when it comes to using language. The beguiling simplicity of his storytelling masks at first glance profound messages of historical trauma, the inevitable syncretism that occurs when two cultures are brought together, and humor that ranges from raucous punch lines to mischievous winks, some of which can catch the unwary reader by surprise, perhaps even a line or two later into the story.

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Published in: Cherokee One Feather
By: Kathy S. De Cano