"The" book on Minnesota golf

A Walk in the Park blog reviews Rick Shefchik's FROM FIELDS TO FAIRWAYS.

Shefchik_From coverRick Shefchik has written “The Book” on classic golf courses in Minnesota – the definitive article as it were. “From Fields to Fairways” is a highly-detailed, thoroughly researched, encyclopaedia of classic Minnesota private country clubs and their architectural histories.

“Minnesota has more golfers per capita than any other state in the union,” gushed no less a personage than venerable golf course architect Pete Dye. “They really love their golf up there,” and he’s right. It shows every time 50,000 fans come out to see their Sunday heroes. The PGA Championships in 2002 and 2009 saw well over a quarter of a million fans for the week and the Ryder Cup to be held there in four years should be just as smashing a success.

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