The Advocate: 10 Great LGBT Summer Reads

Includes David Caron's THE NEARNESS OF OTHERS.

The Nearness of Others by David CaronHeaded to the beach this weekend or looking for a good summer read? Here are 10 LGBT titles that will get you whipping out that bookmark in no time.

The Nearness of Others by David Caron (University of Minnesota Press): The best two lines from this book help you understand what this autobiographical series of vignettes is all about: “Funny how a gay man’s hand resting heavily on your shoulders used to say let’s fuck but now means let’s not. Funny how ostensible nearness really betrays distance sometimes.” InNearness, author David Caron borrows from French literature, academia, and American pop culture to craft an easily readable series of entries that recount his 2006 HIV diagnosis and the aftermath, weaving with it broader themes like war and terror, criminalization, and loneliness. It’s easily digestible whether you have 10 minutes or four hours to read.

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Published in: The Advocate
By: Diane Anderson-Minshall