Star Tribune: November's Fury

By Curt Brown
Star Tribune

schumacher_november'sAfter the storm subsided, the sailors’ bodies began drifting to the shores of Lake Huron. They all had one thing in common: Their watches had stopped between 8 and 11:30 p.m. on Nov. 9, 1913.

Now, to mark the 100th anniversary, Michael Schumacher has chronicled the freshwater hurricane that put a chokehold on Lake Huron that night. Forget about the Edmund Fitzgerald 62 years later, or the Duluth-centered Mataafa Blow that whipped up Lake Superior eight years earlier.

The hurricane of 1913 “will be entered in the history of navigation as one of the most violent and one that exacted a greater toll,” wrote district editor J.H. Armington in his November 1913 issue of the “Monthly Weather Review.”

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