Star Tribune: Eating around Lake Superior

The circle tour of the big lake takes James Norton and Becca Dilley from one good food to the next.

Norton_Lake coverNew England is known for its clambakes, Louisiana for gumbo and Texas for barbecue, but few can name the defining food of the Northland. With “Lake Superior Flavors: A Field Guide to Food and Drink Along the Circle Tour” (University of Minnesota Press, 214 pages, $21.95), author James Norton and photographer Becca Dilley have charted this region’s defining foods and traditions. Through stories and photos of the people and environs, they show us there’s more to this place than fish boils, “you betcha.”

“The area is something of a new frontier,” Norton said. “People don’t have preconceived notions about what this food is.” He and Dilley are the husband-wife team that founded the food website Heavy Table.

“The lake is known for its shipwrecks and beautiful views, but food hasn’t been a component,” said Dilley. The book helps complete the story.

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Published in: Star Tribune
By: Beth Dooley