Sing Me a Song of Hyperobjects: Starting over with Humans and Other Creatures in the 21st Century CE

3 Quarks Daily reviews Timothy Morton's HYPEROBJECTS.

Morton_hyperobjects coverThis is a strange book, for it is three. There is the book that is easy to praise for its range of topics – quantum mechanics, La Monte Young, global warming, The Matrix, the Prisoner’s Dilemma, for example – and its quasi-virtuoso stylistic versatility. There is, as well, the book that is easy to criticize – though I’m sure some would regard that as too mild a word – for its conceptual instabilities, lapses in logic, and misreading of science.

And there is another book, the one leaking out of the cracks and pores in the first two.  That book has the scattered beginnings of a framework in which we can construct a viable approach to the future. That's the book I'm writing about, making this essay as much an interpretation of as a review of Morton's fine Hyperobjects.

Published in: 3 Quarks Daily
By: Bill Benzon