Sarah Stonich on Vacationland, sense of place, getting book reviews, and more

How you can resist a novel with a name like Vacationland? (Says the owner of the blog Carolineleavitville...) I couldn't and I found this book irresistible.
Stonich_Vacationland coverI'm always interested in how books sparked. What gave you the idea for Vacationland. Great title, by the way.
I really like the title too,  and in fact it sort of inspired the tone of the book, in that most of us have been someplace that considers itself  ‘vacationland’ in some sense, whether it’s a resort or ski chalet, theme park, or summer camp. Also, I liked the idea that Vacationland could be anywhere at all, which is where fiction best takes place.
I loved the way you linked the stories. How was this different than writing your previous novels? What made you decide to structure the book this way?
I had a few stories written, and was inspired by the thought of a guest register at a resort - what stories might have played out in the various cabins these guests are checked into? How one might flip pages back in time and even forward, when some of the names would pop up over and over and others only once.
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