San Francisco Chronicle: 'First Thought' introduction "ought to make Ginsberg fans scream with joy."

By Jonah Raskin
San Francisco Chronicle

First Thought (ed. Michael Schumacher)For decades, critics scolded Allen Ginsberg because he promoted himself and his work. Nowadays, there isn’t a self-respecting poet who doesn’t publicize and promote shamelessly. Ginsberg led the way.

“First Thought,” a collection of articles about him, along with interviews, shows that Ginsberg rarely declined an invitation to talk with a journalist, college professor or admirer. Michael Schumacher, the editor of this book, includes an interview he conducted with Ginsberg in 1986 when he was writing “Dharma Lion,” his lively biography of the New Jersey-born poet who wrote “Howl” in San Francisco and changed the face of American poetry.

Schumacher also provides an introduction to “First Thought” that ought to make Ginsberg fans scream with joy.

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