Rock and Roll Book Club: Bring That Beat Back

Interview with Bring That Beat Back author Nate Patrin

How sampling remade hip-hop over forty years, from pioneering superstar Grandmaster Flash through crate-digging preservationist and innovator MadlibHear excerpts from Nate Patrin's recent interview with The Current's Sean McPherson.

When you see that Nate Patrin's new book Bring That Beat Back is subtitled How Sampling Built Hip-Hop, you might wonder, how can you have a history of sampling in hip-hop that's not just a history of hip-hop? Isn't that like calling a biography How the Piano Built the Music of Chopin?

Well, yes. You'll want a comfortable chair, a tasty beverage, and a pair of headphones connected to your favorite streaming service before you dig into Bring That Beat Back...and don't expect to rip through the whole book in one sitting, even though sections of it may read like page-turners for music heads.


Listen to the whole interview.