Rite of Passage: Ready for air, ready for motherhood

Review of Kate Hopper's memoir in Left Brain Buddha.

Hopper_Ready cover“Down-to-earth and honest about the hard realities of having a baby, as well as the true joys, Ready for Air is a testament to the strength of motherhood – and stories – to transform lives.” {From the inside cover}

This one sentence captures everything I loved about this book. It is real and honest. It’s about the joyful parts and the hard parts. It’s about how motherhood transforms us. It’s about the power of sharing our stories and experiences as mothers.

Even though Hopper’s experiences were different from mine in many ways, there were several similarities. Her daughter arrived 8 weeks early after Hopper was induced due to severe preeclampsia. My children were full-term, but I was put on bed rest at the end of both of my pregnancies due to high blood pressure and what my doctor called “pre-preeclampsia.” We both ended up having c-sections after long and difficult labors. And we both struggled in those early, lonely months at home with our newborn babies.

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Published in: Left Brain Buddha
By: Sarah Rudell Beach