Reviewing the Evidence: Sherlock Holmes and the Eisendorf Enigma

By Rebecca Nesvet
Reviewing the Evidence

Sherlock Holmes and the Eisendorf Enigma (Larry Millett)In the universe of Larry Millett's seven Sherlock Holmes spinoff novels, the eminent Victorian detective knows how to find trouble–generally, in the wilds of Minnesota. Millett's latest, SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE EISENDORF ENIGMA, is no exception. In this novel, it's 1930, and an elderly Holmes has left his Kentish beehives for the United States. He's trying to give up the "demon weed," tobacco, so as to save his life, at the expense of his iconic pipe-smoking silhouette. But his battle with addiction isn't his biggest problem. He's being chased by a ghost–or, rather, "geist"–whom he had failed to apprehend long ago, in 1890s Munich.

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