Psychology Today: What God Is Honored Here?

Interview with Shannon Gibney and Kao Kalia Yang, editors of What God Is Honored Here?

Native women and women of color poignantly share their pain, revelations, and hope after experiencing the traumas of miscarriage and infant loss

These essays are deep and the writing is relatable, even if you’ve never been pregnant (like me). Some readers here will know the heartbreak of pregnancy loss while others experience loss differently. While this is a book about pregnancy loss, it is also about identity, belonging, and valuing one's own individual process, recognizing that as meaningful and valuable. The editors, Shannon Gibney and Kao Kalia Yang, found time to thoughtfully and deeply answer some questions for me about miscarriage, pregnancy loss, race, ethnicity, belonging, voice, self, children, process, and the book. I’ve read a lot of creative nonfiction but this anthology is riveting. The essays are moving. They are also poignant, edgy, down to earth. I rarely if ever comment on writing, but the essays here—I had to. 


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