Psychology Today mention's Deaf Gain: Raising the Stakes for Human Diversity

By Dirksen Bauman, Ph.D. and Joseph J. Murray, Ph.D.
Psychology Today

Deaf GainAn Introduction to Deaf Gain

Deaf Gain: Why the world needs deaf people.

We welcome you to a new blog for Psychology Today: Deaf Gain. This phrase may seem like an oxymoron to most readers, but we hope that in this and in the many posts to come, the notion of Deaf Gain will challenge and redefine commonly held notions about normalcy, disability, and human diversity.

We begin with this first suggestion of Deaf Gain:

Aaron Williamson is a performance artist who began losing his hearing at the age of seven. He and his family did what was typical for anyone who experiences changes in their body: they sought medical intervention. So Aaron went to doctors then an audiologist. After multiple visits to multiple doctors audiologists over the years, he came to a realization. “Why had all the doctors told me I was losing my hearing, and not a single one told me I was gaining my deafness?”


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