Pop Matters: 'The Dylan Tapes' Peeks Behind the Curtain at a Landmark Biography

Anthony Scaduto’s posthumously published The Dylan Tapes is an engrossing journey into the research process of one gifted writer as he profiled another.

The raw material and interviews behind Anthony Scaduto’s iconic biography of Bob Dylan draw an intimate and multifaceted portrait of the singer-songwriter who defined his eraWhile the original Scaduto biography still holds up as a landmark moment in the world of rock journalism, The Dylan Tapes acts not as a replacement for it, but as a fascinating peek behind the curtain on how the sausage is made. The Dylan Tapes is rich with unfiltered and unedited conversations with a cast of characters that assisted Dylan, in one way or another, along his path from his Minnesota beginnings and his crafting of his own mystery and persona, to his days on the Greenwich Village folk scene and beyond. Dylan was only 30 years old when Scaduto’s Bob Dylan: An Intimate Biography was first published, but his legend had been secured for several years by then. 

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