PoLAR: Writing Planetary Ethnographies

Illuminating the conditions for global governance to have precipitated the devastating decline of one of the ocean’s most majestic creaturesJennifer Telesca, in her first ethnographic monograph, writes with exuberance and determination as she examines the geoeconomics of Atlantic Bluefin tuna capture fisheries management. Using Atlantic Bluefin tuna as her ethnographic subject, Telesca follows the fish on her breathtaking travels across the Atlantic and Mediterranean, and through a long history of capture by human societies. Situating a tuna at the center of her ethnography, Telesca aims to immerse her reader in a planet spanning human-nonhuman system, in which a sentient creature has now been reduced to a luxury commodity through high seas multilateral treaty processes. Atlantic Bluefin tuna have shifted in recent decades from high value sport fishing trophy with little food value to high value sushi fish, this new form of value arising from the development of mass luxury food markets.

Article at Political and Legal Anthropology Review.

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