On the beginning of Cloud Cult in Owatonna

Feature on Mark Allister's new book in Owatonna People's Press.

Chasing the Light by Mark AllisterClarice Richardson sits at her kitchen table drinking a cup a tea with the back porch left open, bringing in gusts of warm autumn air as her cat lays contently in the sunlight. Beside her is a photo of her grandchildren, Iris and Nova, and the recently published book on her son’s band, Cloud Cult.

“I have not been accustomed at all to be a star’s mother,” Richardson said. “I knew [the book] was coming out, but I’m always the last to hear about it.”

“Chasing the Light: The Cloud Cult Story” came out earlier this month by professor of English and Environmental Studies at St. Olaf College, Mark Allister. He starts the book tour this week with hopes of making it down to Owatonna sometime in November to share the band’s story with the community.

Given that front man of the band, Craig Minowa, grew up here, he finds the venue more than fitting.

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Published in: Owatonna People's Press
By: Kim Hyatt