NPR comic and interview with Sean Sherman: "If we can control our food, we can control our future"

Panel 7: "In my quest to find Lakota recipes, I spoke to many people. Over time, I filtered out which ingredients were native and which were adopted later on. It was a long path of self-study because there was no "Joy of Native American Cooking" out there for me.Panel 9: "After years of study, I started my company called the Sioux Chef in 2014. My goal is to get Indigenous food back into tribal communities and break the cycle of reliance on government food."
Award-winning recipes, stories, and wisdom from the celebrated indigenous chef and his team

Sean Sherman, author of The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchendiscusses his research and reclamation of indigenous ingredients and techniques, illustrated in this NPR comic. 

Listen to the conversation and view the full comic it inspired at NPR.

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